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Our Goals & Approach

Our approach thus far has been directed at three primary goals:
  • Education
  • Engagement
  • Evidence

Educate - SCC began the Achieving the Dream (AtD) journey this year by spreading the word about what AtD is and what it will mean for students. As a college, SCC sought to educate individuals about the three pillars of AtD which are creating a culture that is student focused, centered on equity and achievement for all students, and driven by a system of inquiry and accountability. We have not only set about educating our college faculty and staff, but also our Board of Trustees, and the community at large. Our purpose is clear, we want to see the AtD principles infiltrate the college culture and ultimately aid our students in attaining their goals.

Engage – SCC has involved the college community at many levels. Throughout the summer and fall, focus group sessions were held with small groups across the campus, spurring discussion about the challenges our students face as they embark on their education. On September 21, 2012 SCC held a Student Success Summit and was fortunate to be able to have involvement of all college faculty and staff, Board of Trustees, and community members. This Summit allowed for broad conversation about AtD and our students’ pathways to graduation.

Evidence – SCC has also started the process of systematically looking at data and asking the question, what does our evidence tell us? As we develop a culture of evidence at the college, data driven decision-making will be the norm. A team of college employees has been appointed to look at reports on our students’ success and has already begun their work, looking at information associated with student barriers to completion, points in the pathway when students typically leave the college, and what gaps may exist in how students of different races, socioeconomic background, or gender perform in their studies.

SCC is excited about AtD and the potential that exists to make fundamental changes in the college experience. Furthering student success and helping more students achieve their educational goals is paramount to what we do.

Join us as we take the next steps in our AtD journey.