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$326,774 Back-to-Work Training Funds Still In Use at SCC

sccnewsicon(January 29, 2013) Stanly Community College (SCC) received $326,774.00 in grant funding last year for the Back-to-Work program. This program was established to assist those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits or have collected unemployment insurance for 26 weeks or more.

The Back-to-Work program offers over 40 certificate programs; some of which can be completed in as little as 5 weeks. Each certificate program, as well as the required course materials, are completely paid for by the grant. The Back-to-Work program also allows each student to work with a career coach that will assist students with job placement. Tristan Alston, the Back-to-Work Career Coach, will walk you through how to qualify and get enrolled into theĀ  certificate programs of your choice. Once you have completed your certificate, you will also receive job placement assistance. Classes vary in length and many certificates are available which include; manufacturing, construction, information technology, transport technology, business, food service, human resource development and career readiness. The program is set to end June 30th, 2013. There are several classes that begin in February, March and April so call today to get enrolled.

If you have questions on how to qualify for the Back-to-Work program, please contact Tristan Alston at or 704-991-0332.