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Student Writing Contest

(March 11, 2013) If you enjoy writing and are inspired by one of these prominent Americans, please enter the SCC Student Writing Contest. You can win cash prizes, be published in the Muse, SCC’s literary magazine and be recognized at Spring Fling for your talents. To enter, submit original work including:   poetry, song, essay or short story with 750 words or less, double spaced and in Times New Roman font relating to one of the people featured in the Profiles of Success linked below.  In addition please write a brief description sharing how you are inspired by the person chosen. Include your name, program of study and if you are enrolled in SCC or SEC.  Your work must be submitted online by April 1st to Lorri Barrier at  For questions please call Andell McCoy at 704-991-0298.  Please proofread your work prior to submission.  Entries with excessive errors will not be considered. All SCC students with the exception of SCC Faculty and Staff are invited to participate. The first place winner will receive $50.00, and the second place winner will receive $25.00.

Profiles of Success

This contest is sponsored by Momentum (Minority Male Mentoring Program - 3MP), “Men moving to create positive change in themselves and the world”.