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SCC Receives Funding to Enhance Early Childhood Education

sccnewsicon(April 8, 2013) Stanly Community College (SCC) was one of eight North Carolina (NC) community colleges to receive funding through the Early Childhood Education Innovation Fund (ECEIF), which was recently allocated to the State of NC.

Through the ECEIF funding, SCC will establish a learning community for the entry level Introduction to Early Childhood Education (ECE) course, English Developmental courses and a College Study Skills course for the ECE student. Together, these three courses will become a vital link for the student’s success in course completion.

With the growing number of students entering college with some form of developmental education needs, providing learning communities focused on the central theme of Early Childhood Education will help reduce student barriers to degree completion, and strengthen the early foundations of lifelong learning. In the past, it could take students up to three semesters (one year) to complete Developmental English courses; however, with the implementation of this grant, the process has been streamlined allowing students to complete developmental English pre-requisite courses in one semester.

It is the goal of SCC’s Early Childhood Education department to ultimately have a positive impact on the lives of children and families in the community. According to Christie Honeycutt, the associate dean of Curriculum Health and Public Services, “In order to invest in our children, we must first invest in those that teach them. By educating the teachers who work with children on a daily basis, children will acquire skills for future academic success. The grant will help SCC accomplish this goal.”

For more information about the Early Childhood Education program at Stanly Community College, contact Christie Honeycutt at (704) 991-0295 or