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Soft Skills Training at SCC

SCC Time Clock(September 30, 2013) Stanly Community College (SCC) has worked diligently with local business and industry to fill the technical skills gaps that exist in our area. However, industry feedback indicated that closing the technical skills gap had to be accompanied by educational programming designed to embed “soft skills” or “employability skills” into the perspective employee’s competencies.

Employability skills encompass work ethics based on key workplace values such as timeliness, effective communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. According to Dr. Brenda Kays, SCC College President, “it is a well-honed technical skills set that allows students to initially become employed; however, it is a well-honed soft skills set that allows students to stay employed.”

SCC faculty listened closely when business and industry leaders talked about the need for employees to have a solid soft-skills set and have started to integrate those concepts into current instructional practices. To accompany the renovation of the facilities/programming for the Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Technology Center, coursework is currently being created which will be woven throughout the program curriculum to enhance student employability skills. In addition, welding and auto body repair faculty decided to install a time clock for attendance-keeping purposes in order to introduce the concepts of timeliness and accountability.

SCC faculty are also integrating the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), a nationally recognized credential that gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills, into many existing career and technical programs across the College.

The CRC enhances a student’s resume’ after graduation and provides prospective employers with a reliable means of determining whether a potential employee has the necessary literacy, numeracy, and problem solving skills to be “JOB READY”.

SCC Time Clock

Shown using the newly installed time clock in the Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Technology Automotive/I-CAR and Welding Programs are Dr. Brenda Kays, SCC President, and students - from left to right- Travis Smith, Byron Deadman, Stephanie Roberts, and Jose Hernandez.