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SCC Awarded Title III Grant for $2,248,211

sccnewsicon(October 4, 2013) The U.S. Department of Education has awarded Stanly Community College a Title III grant in the amount of $2,248,211.00 over a five year period for the purpose of strengthening courses for optimum learning, regardless of whether the class is offered online or in a traditional classroom. The title of the SCC grant was “Next Generation College Education: Meeting the Students Where They Are”. The grant will focus largely on quality improvements for Internet and web assisted learning environments but will also provide needed resources for technology enhancements in physical classrooms.

“Students come to SCC for many different reasons, but their common goal is to fulfill their expectation of success,” noted SCC President Dr. Brenda Kays. “These grant funds are crucial for our efforts to take students where they are and move them forward in their educational journey.”

The grant will enable faculty members across the College to have training and support, including a dedicated space (eLearning Faculty Studio) for collaborative course redesign. Sixty courses across the curriculum will be redesigned and six new eLearning courses developed for the Emergency Medical Science program. A Gaming/Simulation component will be designed for twenty courses to include virtual hands-on learning experiences. Traditional classrooms will be converted to Smart classrooms to include e-podiums, interactive promethean boards, wireless projectors, high resolution document cameras, video cameras, ceiling microphones and 60” plasma TV’s. Online tutoring and remote access to a Virtual Computer Lab will provide support services comparable to those available to on-campus students. Students will have a dedicated space (eLearning Student Hub) for in-person and virtual advising and for technical support and training on the Learning Management System used to deliver online and hybrid instruction.

For more information about the Title III Grant, please contact SCC’s Title III Project Director Marlene Saunders at (704) 991-0258 or