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The Business of Beauty - with SCC Graduate LaShriee House-Parson

Esthetics(November 13, 2013) LaShriee House-Parson owns Innovative Aesthetics in Albemarle, NC, where she works as a licensed esthetician. She earned her Esthetics certificate from the Stanly Community College (SCC) Cosmetology department in 2007.

“I honestly didn’t know I wanted to go into this field,” stated Mrs. House-Parson. “But, with a dear friend’s encouragement and after doing some research in esthetics, I soon became very excited.”

Research shows that esthetics is a broad industry with a potential of very good income - and the best part is that it only involves about four months of training in school.

Mrs. House-Parson chose Stanly Community College because it was more affordable than other schools and the Cosmetology department had a highly recommended reputation. Because of her interest and intrigue for esthetics, the coursework wasn’t difficult and the hands-on lab was her favorite part of the program.

“The instructors were great and their excitement was evident when they witnessed the passion in which the students learned. They were very hands-on,” commented LaShriee. She also took continuing education classes for advanced certifications to stay up-to-date in the esthetics world.

Esthetic services provided by Mrs. House-Parson include Micro Current Therapy, Messotherapy, Microdermabrasion, Electrolysis (permanent hair removal), Facial Treatments, Body Wraps, Body Scrubs, Back Facials, Bikini/Brazilian Wax, Body Waxing, Airbrush Tanning, Airbrush and Mineral Makeup, Eyelash Extensions, Ear Candling, and Lash/Brow Tinting. Consultations are FREE.

The biggest challenge for Mrs. House-Parson was being away from her daughter and having to work a job after school hours. The challenge now is juggling a business while being a mother and a wife.

“I enjoy what I do and couldn’t imagine doing anything different. The most rewarding thing is watching how I have grown from a student, to an employee, and now to a business owner. Telling my story is just overwhelming,” commented Ms. House-Parson.

“Timing is everything. If I could do it all over again, I thought I would just go straight into esthetics and not a college or university. But at 18 years old, I probably wasn’t ready for the responsibilities - now I am focused and mentally prepared. Although this field is for all ages, I’m glad I started when I did.”

Her words of wisdom to a potential student would be to GO FOR IT! There is so much to offer in the field of Esthetics. A short semester of school and your choice of various specialized certifications could land you a job with a dermatologist, plastic surgeon’s office, laser hair removal, waxing parlor or a makeup counter.

“I love skin care and I feel this is my gift. I’m good at what I do and I love my clients. With God steering my wheel, and great support from family and friends, I am a successful licensed esthetician.”

For more information on the Esthetics program at SCC, contact Kimberly King at 704-991-0339.


LaShriee House-Parson of Innovative Aesthetics performs microdermabrasion on Sara Burleson.