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SCC Nominates Michelin for Advanced Manufacturing Award

SCC Nominates Michelin(February 26, 2014) Michelin Aircraft Tire US11, located in Norwood, has been chosen to receive the 2014 Advanced Manufacturing Award in the category of Best Collaboration. These awards, established in 2010 through the Minds that Manufacture Initiative, and guided by the Centralina Economic Development Commission, were created to recognize and celebrate excellence, leadership and collaboration in the Advanced Manufacturing industry in our region.

Dr. Brenda Kays, Stanly Community College President, stated, “We were thrilled to see Michelin recognized for their excellence in leadership and collaboration. The Best Collaboration award identifies entities that have demonstrated teamwork and collaboration to enhance advanced manufacturing or benefit the local community, and Michelin far exceeds these criteria. Stanly Community College values our partnership with Michelin.”

Marion Kinley, Director, Economic Development Division at SCC, nominated Michelin US11 for this distinguished award. “We were pleased to learn that Michelin was chosen for this award. It is well deserved. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Michelin for many years on different customized training programs for their employees and they are a model company to work with,” commented Ms. Kinley.

Preston Gray, Site Manager, Michelin's Aircraft Tire US11 noted, that Michelin wouldn't be as successful as it is without Stanly Community College as a partner. “SCC has provided training for our employees which helps achieve our mission.”

SCC Nominates Michelin

Left to right: Preston Gray, Dr. Kays, Rhonda Earl-Smith, Site Communications and Training Manager for Michelin US11, and Marion Kinley, stand in front of a space shuttle tire that was manufactured at the Norwood facility. Michelin US11 makes new tires for companies such as Boeing, US Airways, Delta Airlines, and the US Military, among others.