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Elegba Folklore Society Performs at SCC

Elegba Folklore(March 14, 2014) Dance with Me, Sing with Me! That was the theme for a recent performance from the Elegba Folklore Society held on the Albemarle campus of Stanly Community College (SCC). This dynamic group of dancers, singers and drummers entertained and educated those present through dance, song and story of the African heritage and culture.

Elegba, from the Yoruba cosmology of West Africa, is an Orisa or intercessor who opens the roads, bringing clarity out of confusion. The Elegba Folklore Society is a year-round, lively celebration of African and African-American culture. They are based out of Richmond, VA.

The Elegba Society's drummers explained the history and the names of the different types of drums used during life events and celebrations in some African societies. The singers and dancers shared history and explained the purpose of their sekeres, beaded gourds for making music. A large map of Africa hung to provide a deeper understanding of the rich diversity and cultures of this vast continent.

The audience was asked to participate during the story-telling by clapping and singing as instructed. Five members of Elegba performed while others displayed African jewelry, artifacts and musical instruments at a nearby table.

SCC students, staff and members of the community were treated to an energetic and educational opportunity through the arts and talents of Elegba Folklore Society, who seeks to promote more interactive cultural communities.

This presentation was sponsored by SCC’s Momentum Program - Minority Male Mentoring (3MP). “We are very excited about this opportunity to bring such a wonderful cultural and inspirational event to our campus and community. The Elegba Folklore Society is a professional and talented group providing education through interactive and artistic expression,” stated Andell McCoy, SCC Counselor and Momentum Director.

Elegba Folklore

Elegba Folklore Society performed at SCC on March 5, 2014.