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Auctioneers “Sold” on National Auctioneers Day

CAA Students(April 16, 2014) The third Saturday in April marks a special day in the lives of auctioneers – “National Auctioneers Day.” This special day is recognized by auctioneers as a day to reflect back on one of the history’s oldest professions and celebrate the industry’s future.

The last bastion of the competitive free enterprise system, auctions and the age-old profession auctioneering continues to grow every year. It is estimated that about a quarter-trillion dollars in goods and services are sold by professional auctioneers every year in the United States.

Online or on the lawn, auctions continue to grow in popularity with consumers. Bidders enjoy the thrill of competition and the rush that comes with the chase for treasures. Auctions are one of the most effective and efficient means of turning assets into cash quickly. Most importantly, consumers regularly come back to auctions because they are fun and entertaining.

The National Auctioneers Association and its members encourage the public to enjoy Saturday, April 19, by attending an auction. To learn more about auctions or to find an auction or auctioneer near you, visit

Stanly Community College’s Carolina Auction Academy (CAA) celebrated this special day with students attending a field trip to Johnson Properties Realtors & Auctioneers, Inc., in Angier, NC. Students were able to visit a high-tech auction facility and see the impact of how technology is used when promoting live and Internet auctions.

Carolina Auction Academy is accredited by North Carolina Auctioneer Licensing Board and South Carolina Auctioneer Commission. The next Carolina Auction Academy class is scheduled to begin in August 21. For more information about CAA, contact Betty O’Neal, Instructor, Carolina Auction Academy at (704) 991-0142 or

CAA Students

Carolina Auction Academy students celebrate National Auctioneers Day with a field trip to Johnson Properties Realtors and Auctioneers, Inc., in Angier, NC.