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CAA Students Raise Over $2,800 for Charity

St. Jude Check(May 5, 2014) Nearly nine years have passed since the inception of Carolina Auction Academy, Stanly Community College’s (SCC) premier auctioneer school. Every year, at the end of the rigorous 96-hour program, students are required to participate in a student auction as part of the curriculum. This year’s auction was held at Hinson’s Auction Barn, located in Oakboro, NC. Each student brings three items to auction-off to the highest bidder, with proceeds benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the SCC Foundation. CAA students raised $2,800 for charity this year.

Carolina Auction Academy is accredited by the North Carolina Auctioneer Licensing Board and the South Carolina Auctioneer Commission. CAA enrolls students in January and August of every year. The class size is limited to 20 students. For more information, please contact Betty O’Neal at (704) 991-0200.

St. Jude Check Front row (left to right): Marc Hinman, Deanna Bales, Larry Watkins, CAA Instructor Bill O’Neal, Cameron Thomas, Terry Weber, Betty O’Neal, SCC EVP of Educational Services, Robin McCree, and Associate VP of Health & Public Services, Dr. Tammy Crump. Back row (left to right): Jeffery Hinson, Sam Smith, Jr., Jerry Koucky, David Fincher, Glen Hartshorn, Dudley Denison, and Scott Roberts. Not pictured, Larry Diggs and Chance Braodaway.