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Electrical Lineman Grad Finds Success

Tyler Mauldin(May 13, 2014) “I love what I do,” states Tyler Mauldin, a recent graduate of the Electrical Lineman program at Stanly Community College (SCC). “It is very rewarding when residents thank my crew for getting their power restored.”

Mr. Mauldin is a Groundsman for Trull Powerline Company in Monroe, NC. One of his duties includes building materials for the electrical poles. It is a career where he enjoys feeling accomplished, and the income isn’t bad either.

Grateful for the proximity of the College and the knowledgeable, helpful instructors, Tyler wishes he would have taken this career path sooner. “The training was wonderful. I would advise anyone interested in this field of work to seek out Stanly Community College for their Electrical Lineman program,” commented Tyler Mauldin.

For more information on the Electrical Lineman program starting in early June, please call 704-991-0123.

Tyler Mauldin

Tyler Mauldin, SCC Electrical Lineman graduate, enjoys his rewarding career in the utility industry.