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SCC Students Observe a Crash Test at IIHS

2014 Mazda3(April 15, 2014) This past fall, the Automotive/Auto Body department at Stanly Community College (SCC) attended the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Ruckersville, Virginia.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses — deaths, injuries and property damage — from crashes on the nation's roads.

Students were allowed to observe a live performance of a crash test. Flying debris and loud noises from the violent impact surprised the students as they watched. The Auto Body program at SCC involves the study of effects of crashes on the vehicle body so students can better understand the forces involved in reforming the metal during a crash and then be able to repair the damaged metal.

The IIHS technicians invited the students to examine the vehicle and the crash test dummy. They were given a personal tour of the crash area which included a roof crush test designed to test the ability for a vehicle to support the weight and impact of a rollover accident. Also in this area was a side impact test sled and other technology used in crash analyses.

All students were taken on a tour of this large facility which stores their history of crash vehicles. They were able to see changes in the vehicle structure after a collision to help auto makers see what needs to be changed in the construction of the vehicle to make it withstand a collision, increasing the survivability rate and decreasing the injury rate of the occupants.

Many of the students attending this field trip have graduated or will graduate this spring and will begin their careers in the Auto Body industry.

“This trip allowed our students to gain knowledge about the collision of a vehicle that few others are allowed to see,” commented Billy Huneycutt, Program Head of Automotive Training at SCC. “The IIHS only opens their doors to the insurance industry, the automotive manufacturers, and the news media. So this is once in a lifetime education for our students and we are thankful to the IIHS for allowing us to attend.”

2014 Mazda3

Students in the SCC Auto Body program witnessed a crash test while on a field trip to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Ruckersville, Virginia.