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SCC Receives $53,000 to fund Multiple Measures Research Project

sccnewsicon(July 17, 2014) Stanly Community College is receiving $53,000 to help fund a Multiple Measures Research Project for Stanly Community College. Guilford Technical Community College has been awarded the comprehensive grant and Stanly Community College is a sub-grantee.

Stanly Community College subscribes to the use of multiple measures to place students in curriculum courses. The use of multiple measures to evaluate an applicant for placement into college level courses includes placement (assessment) testing and examination of other student data.

Applicants who have graduated from a legally authorized NC high school within the last five years and present an official transcript with an un-weighted grade point average of 2.6 or higher and appropriate high school code notations may be exempt from placement testing. Students with the qualifying criteria above with an un-weighted grade point average between 2.6 and 2.99 may be subject to required interventions designed to assist them in successful completion of their college-level courses.

This grant will be used to evaluate instructional supports put in place to assist students who place directly into college level courses. The grant funds will help with costs associated with providing the supports and tracking/evaluating institutional data. For more information, contact Lois Smith, SCC’s Vice President for Organizational Growth, Development, and Effectiveness, at (704) 991-0249 or