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SCC Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Earth Day
(May 6, 2010) Stanly Community College (SCC) students, faculty and staff joined in 40th anniversary of Earth Day celebrations on April 22nd with a campus event titled "Party for the Planet". Those attending heard a panel discussion featuring Dale Collingwood, SCC Energy Auditor instructor and Ron Lutwiller, Operations Project Manager over the Solar division at Preformed Line Products, who discussed the advantages of using green technology in the construction trades. They also discussed the development of the solar energy industry, which is a new division of Preformed Line Products. It was a party after all so refreshments were served along with giveaways including re-usable water bottles, earth day balls, recyclable tote bags and books on going green.

"I realize I am dating myself when I say that I attended the very first Earth Day as a college student in 1970, but I am glad to see that the initiative started then continues as we focus on ways to soften our human impact on the planet we inhabit," Dr. Taylor told the group in opening remarks at the Party for the Planet.

In January, SCC held a contest to create a “40th Anniversary Earth Day” logo. Dozens of entries were received and sent to a committee for voting. The winning logo was submitted by Jeffrey Goodman, a Simulation & Game Development student who will graduate this spring. The logo he created was used on recycled tote-bags and t-shirts sold in the SCC Bookstore.

A Green Photo and Art Contest was held and prizes were awarded for the top three finalists. All entries appeared on the SCC website and on display in the library for public viewing and voting. The winner of this contest was Heather Hill, who submitted a photo taken of plastic bottles, aluminium cans and bottle caps designed to spell out the name “Hill”. Other entries involved creative art forms made from aluminium cans, oak trees, can tabs and poster designs.

The college also held contests for recycling used electronic devices such as iPods, cell phones, and digital cameras. In March, the Service Learning students broke ground for a community garden on campus that will donate the harvested vegetables to the Stanly County Christian Ministries Food Bank. For St. Patrick’s day, 250 loblolly pine tree seedlings were given to all students, faculty and staff who attended the function. The loblolly pine is a fast-growing evergreen shade tree that provides an excellent habitat and source of food for wildlife.

Spring Fling at SCC had a booth to promote awareness for Earth Day. Giveaways were handed out for anyone who suggested a “green tip” on ways to live more environmentally friendly. Large bags of bird seed were sold as an effort to encourage providing our backyard feathered friends a more suitable habitat – a place to feed, roost and breed.

The SCC Small Business Center hosted several Going Green seminars in support of this initiative. The topics included: Composting for Effective Gardening and Landscaping, The Backyard Garden and Local Food Systems, and Fertilizers/Pesticides – How to use them properly. These seminars were sponsored in conjunction with the Stanly County NC Cooperative Extension Center.

One of the main objectives for this green initiative was to clean up and green up the campus grounds. Many shrubs and flowers have been planted around buildings, which adds color and organization to the landscape of the campus. Sustainable landscaping aims to transform the landscape from one dependent on annuals, chemical fertilizing and frequent watering, to one dominated by perennials, chemical-free native plants and water conservation.

The college will continue to pursue ways to implement conservation on campus by reducing, reusing and recycling. There are many ways of incorporating green technologies into both curriculum and continuing education program. Stanly Community College is committed to continuing this initiative for the environmental benefit and for the enrichment of our students.

Winning Logo submitted by SCC student Jeffrey Goodman.

Green Photo and Art Contest 1st place - Submitted by Heather Hill

CommunityGardenSCC Community Garden Groundbreaking - Dr. Michael Taylor, SCC President, drills the first hole in the construction of a community garden while Melody Braswell, Coordinator of Service Learning and Cooperative Education looks on.

GreenTeamatCECSCC Green Team celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.