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Norwegians Visit SCC's HVEQ Site
SIM_HVEQMarch 21, 2011 - Nearly a dozen Norwegian engineers got a chance to recently visit Stanly Community College’s (SCC) Heavy Equipment Operations training site, located on the Albemarle campus. The Norwegian Air Combat Unit is cross-training with the North Carolina Air National Guard (NCANG) – Badin for the next two weeks in order to enhance their skills relating to airfield damage repair.

Major Warberg, who is in charge of the NATO-Norwegian Air Combat Unit explains, “Cross-training with the NCANG is a part of our strategic plans which provide for give and take with similar U.S. Units regarding the training and methodologies used in airfield damage assessment and repair. In other words, our unit is responsible for all airfield repair caused by combat or non-combat actions including runways, lighting systems, aircraft arresting systems, etc., and we practice these maintenance and repair skills in conjunction with our U.S. counterparts.”

While at SCC, the Air Guard unit got a chance to practice on the heavy equipment virtual training systems, which measure student performance on a variety of equipment units. “SCC’s simulators are a great way for individuals to gain critical skills before they begin their “hands-on” training with the actual heavy equipment,” notes Ed Thomas, Dean of Technical and Vocational Training for SCC. “The Heavy Equipment simulators provide a realistic scenario that facilitates rapid skill development on heavy equipment. Individuals are able to practice in a safe, controlled environment that allows them to build their dexterity skills before they begin their field training on large heavy equipment.”

Learn more about the Heavy Equipment Operations program at Stanly Community CollNACU_HVEQege.  For more information contact Josh Aldridge at (704) 991-0173 or

Pictured above:  Norwegian engineers practiced their dexterity skills on the Heavy Equipment simulators during the morning hours before they headed-out to the 15-acre training site located on the Albemarle campus.

Pictured right: Several of the Norwegian Air Combat Unit engineers were able to practice on bulldozers, loaders, backhoes, and other pieces of equipment during their visit to SCC. The Norwegian Air Combat Unit is responsible for all airfield repair caused by combat or non-combat actions.