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Performance Measures

The Performance Measures for Student Success Report is the North Carolina Community College System’s major accountability document. Based on three years of historical data, this year’s report (2013) marks the inaugural edition of a revised system with new measures that are focused on student success, progression, and completion.

Currently, the eight measures and values for SCC are:

  1. 1. Students’ Progress in Career and College Readiness (Basic Skills) – 42.8% of SCC Basic Skills students attempting 60 or more contact hours during a program year progress or move up an educational functioning level;
  2. 2. GED™ Pass Rate – 71.8% of GED students who take at least one GED test during a program year receive a GED diploma during the program year;
  3. 3. Developmental Math Subsequent Success – 72.4% of previous developmental math students successfully complete a credit level math course with a grade of “C” or better upon the first attempt;
  4. 4. Developmental English Subsequent Success – 67.5% of previous developmental English students successfully complete a credit English course with a grade of “C” or better upon the first attempt;
  5. 5. Year One Progress – 68.4% of first-time fall credential-seeking students attempting at least 12 hours within their first academic year successfully complete (“C” or better) at least 12 of those hours;
  6. 6. Curriculum Completion Rates – 46.3% of first-time fall credential-seeking students graduate, transfer, or are still enrolled with 36 hours after six years;
  7. 7. Licensure Pass Rates - The College maintains an 87.2% aggregated institutional passing rate of first time test-takers on licensure and certification exams, including state mandated exams required before becoming active practitioners;
  8. 8. Transfer Student Performance – 89.9% of students who have transferred to a NC 4-year college or university with a NC community college associate degree or those with 30+ NC community college credit hours achieve a 2.0 GPA or better after two consecutive semesters at the transfer institution.

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