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Vehicle Safety Inspection Training

Course Title: NC Vehicle Safety Inspection Training

Description: This course is designed to prepare auto technicians and service personnel as safety inspectors for motor vehicles. Course topics include regulations and test inspection procedures required by the NC DMV - Enforcement Section - for safety inspectors. Upon completion a student should understand the rules, regulations and procedures for safety inspections, be able to inspect a vehicle properly and be prepared to sit for the state certification exam.

Course Learning Objectives: To instruct students on NC Vehicle Safety Inspection Rules and Regulations as per NC State mandated codes set forth by Raleigh, NC. With this training and passing grade, students will be able to receive their state license to perform NC Vehicle Safety inspections.

Course Length: 8 Hours

Outline: This course focuses on the NC mandated procedure and requirements of the inspections personnel to successfully perform the NC Vehicle Safety Inspection test. Upon completion of this training, participants will be administered the North Carolina Vehicle Safety Inspection state certification exam. The results of this exam will be forwarded to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles for NC Vehicle Safety Inspection certification.

CEU’s: .8

Pre-Requisites: None

Textbook(s) Required: None

Supplies or Other Requirements: None

Grading: NC Vehicle Safety Inspection Certification Exam 100% A student’s level of success will be determined by the results of the NC Vehicle Safety Inspection Certification Exam administered at the end of the class.

Attendance: Students must attend 80% of total course hours.

Disability Statement: If you have a disability that may affect your academic performance and are seeking accommodations, it is your responsibility to inform the ADA service office. The office is located in room 117 of the Patterson Building. You may call Andra Bennett, 704-991-0214, if you have any questions concerning disability services. It is important to request accommodations early enough to the ADA services offices adequate time to consider your request and recommend reasonable accommodations. Instructors will provide necessary accommodations based on the recommendations of the ADA services office

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