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QMS Roadway Technician

NDOT Course Number MAT535-T
Stanly Community College Course Number Currently Unavailable
Course Content 12 hours – Online
Cost $100
Examination Onsite at approved centers
Certification Yes (4 years)
Prerequisites “Introduction to Asphalt Pavements” and Roadway O-J-T completion (Verification of completion of prerequisites must be presented at time of registration.)

Course Description An in-depth course for the purpose of training asphalt roadway technicians in inspection techniques related to hauling, laydown, and compaction of asphalt pavements. Also includes in-depth training on NCDOT specifications, density requirements, and acceptable laydown criteria of asphalt materials under the NCDOT HMA/QMS Program.

(Registration Information)
Tabitha Ritchie ( or 704-991-0181)

2015 Calendar of Events

January - September
  • January 26th - May 15th, 2015 Open Registration for Introduction to Asphalt
  • March 23rd - April 17th Online QMS Roadway Technician
  • April 6th - May 1st Online QMS Roadway Technician
  • July 6th - July 31st Online QMS Roadway Technician
  • September 1st - September 29th Online QMS Roadway Technician


SCC requires a minimum of 8 registered students to run a scheduled QMS Roadway Technician class.