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Stanly Community College now offers a training program that will provide students entry level trade knowledge and technical skill(s) in the area of Welding.

Metal working, welding, and fabrication industries offer consistent employment and advancement opportunities for technically trained and skill qualified individuals. Our welding program courses provide students with basic theory, practical application, and a working knowledge of welding processes in preparation for entry-level trade positions.

Development of welder skills, techniques, and procedure ability is a primary focus of each welding program course. Typical Welding program courses include:

  • Arc Welding Fundamentals
  • S.M.A.W.—Electric Arc Stick Welding
  • G.M.A.W.—MIG I Wire Feed Welding
  • G.T.A.W.—Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Fabrication and Repair
  • Welding Level I Welder

Required Safety Items
Not all are provided by SCC
Eye Protection

• Safety Glasses must meet ANSI Z87.1 high-impact standard, this also applies to prescription glasses.
Or substitute with
1. Safety Goggle: must meet ANSI Z87.1 high-impact standard.
2. Face Shield: must meet ANSI Z87.1 high-impact standard.
• Standard Welding Helmet w/proper shade lens, or
• Auto Darkening Welding Helmet w/adjustable lens shade.
Recommended w/sensitivity light adjustment and two sensors on left and right side of lens.

Hearing Protection

• Earplugs: Disposable or Reusable, Recommend minimum NRR 21dB
Or substitute with
1. Earmuffs

Hand Protection

• Welding Gloves
Body Clothing:
• Steel Toe Shoes
• Welding Vest or Coat
• Welding Pants or Chaps
• Welding Sleeves

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For more information call 704-991-0383.