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Distance Counseling

Distance counseling involves the use of the telephone and technology to provide counseling services to students who may not be able to meet with a counselor in person. Distance Counseling is a counseling approach that takes the best practices of traditional counseling as well as some of its own unique advantages and adapts them for delivery to clients via electronic means in order to maximize the use of technology-assisted counseling techniques. The technology-assisted methods may include telecounseling (telephone), secure email communication, chat, videoconferencing or computerized stand-alone software programs.

Stanly Community College has Distance Credentialed Counselors available to work with students who are not able to meet on campus. If an online student needs distance counseling services or if they have any questions about the process, they may contact:

Delia Carriker, MA, NCC, DCC
Coordinator of Student Support & Outreach
School of Health and Public Services
Stanly Community College
Office: (704) 991-0161

Brianne Van Lauwe, MA, NCC, DCC
Coordinator of Student Outreach & Support
School of Transfer
Stanly Community College