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Earning your Financial Aid Refunds

It is important for students to attend and complete all enrolled classes to avoid the possibility of having to re-pay financial aid funds that have not been earned AND/OR losing future eligibility of receiving financial aid.

Federal regulations state that students who withdraw and/or fail ALL of their classes in a semester may have to re-pay or return financial aid funds received.

Federal regulations also state that a student must complete 67% of ALL attempted credit hours and have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 to remain eligible for financial aid.

The Return of Funds calculation is based on the last date the student attended or logged into a class. Students who attend 60% of the semester will have earned all funding and will not have to return any financial aid funds received.

However, if you are considering withdrawing/dropping any classes, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 704-991-0302 or via email at to determine the impact on your financial aid status.