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Forms for Students

2014-2015 FA Forms

Form 1A - Dependent Household Size and Food Stamp
Form 1B - Independent Household Size and Food Stamp
Form 2A - Parent Tax Return Transcript
Form 2B - Student Tax Return Transcript
Form 3A - Dependent Untaxed Income
Form 3B - Independent Untaxed Income
Form 4A - Parent Low Income
Form 4B - Student Low Income
Form 5A - Child Support Paid By Parent
Form 5B - Child Support Paid By Student
Form 6 - Identity and Statement of Purpose
Form 7 - College Enrollment
Form 8 - Independent Status Due to Dependents
Form 9 - Separation
Form 10 - Selective Service
Form 11 - Bachelor's Degree
Form 12 - Assets
Form 13 - Business and/or Farms
Form 14 - Investments
Form 15 - Signature Page
Form 16A - Dependent Food Stamp
Form 16B - Independent Food Stamp
Federal Work Study Application
Appeal Request Form
Maximum Timeframe Appeal Request Form
Special Consideration Request
Ordering IRS Tax Return Transcripts
Verification of Investments 2013-2014
Verification of Low Income Form 2013-2014
Verification of Selective Service form 2013-2014
Golden Leaf Scholarship Application
First Presbyterian Scholarship Application

Admissions Forms

Online Application
Credit by Examination Request Form
• Change of Curriculum
Drop Add Form
Information Change
SCC Transcripts (send your SCC transcripts to another college or university)
Graduation Application
Residency Application
Request for Evaluation of Continuing Education Units for Curriculum Credit

Adult Basic Skills Forms

Notarized Petition
Waiting Period Waiver

Miscellaneous Forms
Student Appeals Form
Appeal Form: Unlawful Harassment/Discrimination Policy
Complaint Form: Unlawful Harassment/Discrimination Policy
Request for Evaluation of Professional Certification For Curriculum Credit
Grade Forgiveness Request Form