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General Education Diploma (GED)


GED classes focus on areas of mathematics, literature, writing, social studies, and science. Stanly Community College offers classes in a variety of locations and online.

NC Community Colleges GED® FAQs:

What is the current cost to take the GED® test?

  • Beginning January 1, 2013, the GED® testing fee for paper-based tests is $35 per student for a complete battery of tests including any re-testing.
  • This one-time fee shall be charged to all students who have not taken at least one paper-based test within the GED® battery prior to January 1, 2013.
  • Students who began the GED® test at the $7.50 or $25 rate prior to January 1, 2013, are not required to pay any additional fees.
  • This $35 charge will be in effect for the duration of NC Community Colleges offering paper-based testing.

I’ve already begun taking the 2002 series of GED® tests. Will I be able to continue taking these tests in 2013?

  • The 2002 series of GED® tests is currently offered via North Carolina’s community colleges. This series of tests will be available until December 31, 2013.

What’s the difference between the 2002 series of GED® tests and the new tests offered in 2014?

  • The 2002 GED® test series is comprised of five content areas: social studies, science, mathematics, reading and writing.
  • GED® Testing Service announced that a new, computer-based assessment would be aligned with state common core standards.
  • The 2014 GED® test series is comprised of four content areas: literacy, mathematics, science and social studies.
  • This new battery of tests will be launched January, 2014, replacing the 2002 battery of tests.
  • Scores from the 2002 series of GED® tests are not transferable to the 2014 assessment.

I’ve heard all GED® tests will soon be delivered via computer. What does this mean?

  • At this time, North Carolina testing locations do not offer computer-based testing. The $35 total fee noted above remains in place for paper-based testing.
  • In 2010 it was announced that, through a collaboration with Pearson Vue, GED® tests would begin a transition to computer-based testing, with all assessments being delivered via computer by January 2014.
  • System Office staff are working with GED® Chief Examiners at the colleges to implement the transition from paper to computer-based testing, beginning in summer 2013 with full implementation expected by 2014.

My testing location plans to offer computer-based tests in summer 2013. Does this mean I can no longer take the paper-based test?

  • Test-takers will continue to have the option to take the paper-based, 2002 battery of tests through December 2013.

Will computer-based tests cost more than paper-based tests?

  • GED® Testing Service currently charges a fee of $24 per test for computer-based assessments, with an additional $24 charged for any re-tests.
  • Through December 2013, any computer-based testing will be offered on a self-supporting basis, meaning students taking computer-based GED® tests would be charged the $24 per test fee.
  • At this time, the North Carolina Community College System has not yet identified the GED® testing fee for 2014. Any changes to GED® testing fees would require action by the State Board of Community Colleges.

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