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Criminal Justice Technology

Criminal Justice Technology ( CJ )

Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate - C55120

Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) is designed to give students essential skills required for entry-level employment as law enforcement officers with state, county, or municipal governments or with private enterprise.


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Stanly Community College is accredited by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Commission, Criminal Justice Standards Division, to offer the Basic Law Enforcement Training to individuals currently employed with a law enforcement agency or wishing to enter the law enforcement profession. Those seeking admission to the BLET program must meet the following criteria:

   1. The applicant must be a citizen of the United States.
   2. The applicant must be twenty years of age at the beginning of the course. An applicant who has not reached his or her twentieth birthday but will turn twenty during the presentation of the course may apply to the Criminal Justice Standards Division for early enrollment. Such permission can only be allowed by the Criminal Justice Standards Division.
   3. Individuals currently holding full-time status with an agency shall be given priority for admission.
   4. The applicant must obtain a sponsorship from a municipal or county law enforcement agency. Sponsorships from private security providers are not accepted.
   5. The applicant must have his or her high school or General Educational Development test indicating high school equivalency. High school diplomas obtained through correspondence courses are not acceptable.
   6. The applicant must provide the school director with a completed physical examination form provided by the director and authorized by the commission. This form must be completed and the examination performed by a licensed physician, physician’s assistance, or nurse practitioner.
   7. The applicant must deliver a certified record check both from local and state agencies from all locations from which the applicant has resided since becoming an adult.
   8. No applicant will be accepted if he or she has the following criminal convictions:
         1. Any felony
         2. A crime for which punishment could have been imprisonment for two years or more
         3. A crime or unlawful act defined as a class “B” misdemeanor within the period of five years to the date of the scheduled end of the course presentation. The only variance applies to an individual wishing to obtain certification by the North Carolina Sheriff’s Standards Division.
         4. Convictions of four or more crimes defined as class “B” misdemeanors regardless of the date of conviction or four or more crimes defined as class “A” misdemeanors. Enrollment can be allowed if the last conviction date occurred more than two years prior to the beginning of the course.
         5. Combinations of four or more crimes of Class “A” and Class “B” misdemeanors regardless of the date of conviction. The only variance is to the applicant seeking to obtain certification by the North Carolina Sheriff’s Standards Division.
   9. The applicant will agree that upon charges filed against him or her regardless of the nature of charge the school director will be notified within thirty days of charge and supply to the director the following:
         1. Copies of original document stating the full charge and statute number filed.
         2. Copies of documents indicating status of pending hearings.
         3. Certified copy of final disposition from the clerk of court the original charge originated within ten days of final disposition.
  10. The applicant must agree and sign a written agreement that states that the applicant will immediately be dismissed from the program upon conviction of a criminal offense that would disqualify the applicant from entry into the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program and/or conduct resulting in the original sponsoring agency revoking the sponsorship.

Contact: Christi Almond

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