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MAT-140 Survey of Mathematics
This course provides an introduction in a non-technical setting to selected topics in mathematics. Topics may include, but are not limited to, sets, logic, probability, statistics, matrices, mathematical systems, geometry, topology, mathematics of finance, and modeling. Upon completion, students should be able to understand a variety of mathematical applications, think logically, and be able to work collaboratively and independently.


Take 1 group; # Take MAT-070 MAT-060; # Take MAT-080 MAT-060; # Take MAT-090 MAT-060; # Take MAT-095; # Take MAT-120(S20803); # Take MAT-121(S20804); # Take MAT-161(S20916); # Take MAT-171(S20807); # Take MAT-175; # Take DMA-010 DMA-020 DMA-030 DMA-040; Take MAT-070 or DMA-040; From rule CMR.MINC;