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CIS-115 Intro to Programming & Logic
This course introduces computer programming and problem solving in a structured program logic environment. Topics include language syntax, data types, program organization, problem solving methods, algorithm design, and logic control structures. Upon completion, students should be able to manage files with operating system commands, use top-down algorithm design, and implement algorithmic solutions in a programming language.


Take 1 group; # Take MAT-060 MAT-070; # Take MAT-060 MAT-080; # Take MAT-060 MAT-090; # Take MAT-095; # Take MAT-120(S20803); # Take MAT-121(S20804); # Take MAT-161(S20916); # Take MAT-171(S20807); # Take MAT-175; # Take DMA-010 DMA-020 DMA-030 DMA-040;