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International Education

Global Distinction Program

Stanly Community College began a Global Distinction program in Fall 2013. Students will earn transcript designation reflecting that their degree includes a global perspective. The Global Distinction program will prepare our students to compete in today's global markets and the interconnected and interdependent world of the 21st century.


  • Intercultural competency in both personal and professional areas.
  • Improve sensitivity to other languages and cultures.
  • Recognize the impact of other cultures on American life and vice versa.
  • Appreciate all people, regardless of differences in race, gender, age, lifestyle, and class.
  • Be prepared for successful participation in a diverse workforce.


  • Both part-time and full-time students who are in good academic standing are eligible for the Global Distinction program.

Program Requirements

In order to graduate or transfer with Global Distinction, a student must:

  • Successfully complete at least 15 credit hours designated as global intensive (C or better), including a two (2) semester world language sequence.
  • Participate in one international/intercultural activity each semester they are enrolled at Stanly Community College and reflect on that activity in writing.
  • Global Experience: Participation in student abroad or equivalent participation in an intercultural domestic experience.
  • For taking part in the Global Distinction program, in additional to becoming more marketable in our global economy, there will be:
  1. Special recognition.
  2. Official letter of Global Distinction.
  3. Acknowledgement on the official transcript.

Study Abroad

Stanly Community College Study Abroad program has unique qualities, particularly in the areas of experiential, field-based learning, deep cultural immersion and community engagement. The program is affordable, meaningful and fun.


  • Earn college credit
  • Gain new perspective on the world
  • Increase language skills
  • Make new contacts and form lasting connections.
  • Improve, learn, and refine decision-making and problem-solving skills.


Cultural Immersion to Costa Rica

Join us in Atenas, Costa Rica for a unique program that incorporates many interactive experiences with the community and natural environment to foster authentic use of the Spanish language and acquire new cultural awareness. The group will spend most time in Atenas, where we will join local students to work on specific projects. Other activities include: a three day excursion to the Monteverde Rainforest, visit to the volcano Poas, an organic coffee farm and a day visit to San Jose, the capital.

2015 Cultural Immersion to Costa Rica
2015 Cultural Immersion to Brazil
2015 Cultural Immersion to Taiwan
2015 Cultural Immersion to Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand
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Study Abroad Application
Stanly Community College - Travel Contract
Stanly Community College - Travel Participation Form
Study Abroad Consortium 2015
Travel Abroad Scholarship Application

For more information on these programs, contact Patricia Horner at (704) 991-0395 or