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1,000 in 100 Initiative Gaining Momentum

1000 in 100 GroupWorkforce development partners for the “1,000 in 100” initiative met for the second time on September 25th as part of Governor Pat McCrory’s NCWorks project announced last spring. The 1,000 in 100 team members are tasked with collaborating with business and industry leaders to listen to their challenges and expectations related to finding and retaining high-quality employees. The effort marks a continued focus on the skills gap that troubles North Carolina’s workforce for the growing number of jobs in the state.

“The Centralina Workforce Development Board is proud to work with Stanly Community College and our key workforce and economic development partners to reach out to local employers through the 1,000 in 100 NCWorks initiative. We listen and we respond to the needs of employers. This is a perfect example of how we work as a team in our region towards the goal for helping employers find the right talent and connecting great career seekers with opportunities for employment. We could not be prouder of this great effort by our fantastic partners in Stanly County,” noted David L. Hollars, Executive Director, Centralina Workforce Development Board, Inc.

“We are hearing lots of positive feedback from our Stanly County business leaders,” explained Marion Kinley, Director of Stanly Community College’s (SCC) Economic Development Division. “Team members have been calling on business and industry leaders and small business owners and listening to what they have to say. Most tell us they need employees who are not only technically competent for jobs, but also possess soft skills, such as the ability to think critically, solve problems, and adapt to changing demands in the workplace.”

The 1,000 in 100 initiative will conclude at the end of 2014, but the information gathered will be paired with other research and best practices to development recommendations for changes within North Carolina’s workforce system to better serve businesses and citizens.

1000 in 100 Group

“1,000 in 100” team members include: (first row, left to right) Denisha Torrence-Nesbit, ResCare Workforce Services; Lynn Crenshaw, DHHS, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; Mary Walls, DHHS, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; Carmen Thomas, ResCare Workforce Services; Marion Kinley, SCC, Director Economic Development Division; and Georgia Harvey, Director Stanly County Schools Secondary ED and CTE. Back row: (left to right) Jeff Parsons, SCC, Associate Vice President Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies; Frank Tamberelli, SCC, Director Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development; Mark Donham, Director, City of Albemarle Economic Development; Jim Kohn, The Resource Development Center; Marcus Pryor, SCC, Assistant Dean of Students & Career Placement; and David Hollars, Director, Centralina Workforce Development Board.

Not Shown: Pamela McGimpsey, NC Dept. of Commerce Apprenticeship Bureau; Krista Bowers, Stanly County Economic Development Commission; Paul Stratos, Stanly County Economic Development Commission; Kathy Almond, Stanly County Chamber of Commerce; Alicia Herrin, SCC Economic Development Division; Donnie Mann, Stanly County NCWorks Career Center; Ed Shimpock, Centralina Workforce Development Board member; Andy Lucas, Stanly County Manager’s Office; Chris Lambert, Stanly County’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.


SCC Alumni are Partners in Life & Business

James and Susie CarpenterAccording to the Small Business Administration, starting a business with your spouse can be convenient and lucrative, or couples can easily end up in a money disaster. It takes strategic planning, a lot of trust, and excellent communication skills to make sure your marriage thrives with your work and vice-versa.

James and Susie Carpenter, husband and wife team, have launched three successful daycare companies in Stanly County—J&S Blessed Daycares. Two are located in Albemarle and one in Troy. Together, the companies have 14 employees on their payroll and are the first in the area to offer 24/7 daycare services. James earned his Early Childhood Education degree at Stanly Community College in 2013 and Susie graduated this past May with the same degree. Both agree that choosing SCC for their education made sense. “I chose SCC because of the convenient online classes. This was a way for me to still work and go to college at the same time,” said Susie. James confesses that completing the online assignments on time was very difficult for him. “It was hard for me to stay committed to my online assignments when I was at home. Staying focused was hard,” said James.

Unlike most other husbands, James works with school-age children and also cares for infants and children from ages one to four. “I love what I do! It’s very rewarding to meet the parents from different backgrounds who entrust me with their most valuable gift. I enjoy teaching and taking care of the children. It’s a great feeling when parents thank me for teaching their kid something new.” Trust is a big advantage when working together for this couple. “Trust and commitment are very important in a partnership, whether it’s marriage or business,” noted Susie. “James and I trust each other with all aspects of the business.”

Most entrepreneurs encounter difficulties when running a business and this seasoned husband-wife team face issues all the time. “Keeping up with the new rules and regulations and staying on top of the different tax laws associated with daycare centers can be extremely challenging,” said James. Nevertheless, despite the challenges, more couples such as the Carpenters are entering entrepreneurship together and becoming very successful at it.

Both agree that earning their degree at Stanly helped them understand the fundamentals needed in the childcare field and have increased their income substantially. “Earning our degrees has given James and me a sense of accomplishment,” said Susie. “What a great feeling it is to look back on our education and know that we’ve spent our time well and have discovered new opportunities through this journey.”

James and Susie Carpenter

James and Susie Carpenter, husband and wife team and Stanly Community College alumni, have launched three successful daycare companies in Stanly County—J&S Blessed Daycares.


NC Community Colleges Launch Align4NCWorks

Learning Summits Focused on Identifying Best Practices and Barriers in Workforce Development

Workforce plays a key role in the location, retention and global competitiveness of businesses in 2014. The North Carolina Community College System is launching a strategic planning initiative focused on ensuring North Carolina’s workforce is number one in the nation. The state’s community colleges are designated in North Carolina General Statutes (N.C.G.S. §115D-1) as “…the primary lead agency for delivering workforce development training…”

However, workforce efforts in the state involve many partners and Governor Pat McCrory recently announced a new workforce development initiative to bring a more strategic focus to those efforts. “Align4NCWorks” is both a strategic planning endeavor and NC community colleges’ ongoing response to better align those partners by convening community colleges and workforce partners for a series of learning summits, held across the state, to discuss best practices and challenges and to identify strategies to bring North Carolina’s workforce development into alignment. The objectives are increased responsiveness, better engagement and ultimately greater accountability to stakeholders.

WHAT: Align4NCWorks Learning Summit
WHERE: Stanly Community College, Kelley Building, Dennis Auditorium
WHEN: October 8, 8 AM
WHO: Dr. R. Scott Ralls, President, N.C. Community College System
Dr. Brenda Kays, President, Stanly Community College
Dr. Stan Sidor, President, South Piedmont Community College

Media will be provided an opportunity for interviews following the learning summit.


Travel to Peru with Stanly Community College

sccnewsiconResidents of Stanly County are invited to join the adventure as Stanly Community College travels to Peru in May 2015! SCC is opening the successful Study Abroad program to include students, faculty/staff and their families, and members of the local community. First-time travelers will be able to share the experience with friends and neighbors; experienced travelers will enjoy the knowledgeable faculty and tour guides. The trip is being planned and organized by SCC’s Global Education Coordinator Patricia Horner. “This is a great opportunity to visit a foreign country with hometown folks but still have opportunities to truly experience Peruvian culture.” Horner, who teaches Spanish and Hispanic Culture and Civilization, will be traveling with the group.

The tour will depart on May 26, 2015, and return on June 4. Highlights will include the historic, yet modern, capital Lima; the sacred valley Urubamba and a visit via train to Machu Picchu; Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire; Lake Titicaca and a boat excursion to the fascinating Uros floating islands; and, the people and scenery of the majestic land which spans the Andes Mountains. Please contact Patricia Horner by email at or call (704) 991-0395 to reserve your place or for further information download the itinerary. Space is limited! The College requires a $100 deposit by October 28, 2014. A payment plan has been setup for those who may wish to make installments for the trip.

SCC began its Study Abroad program in 2005 under the direction of Patricia Horner. “As educators, we are determined to help all students achieve greater potential. We recognize that a global economy is having an impact locally in Stanly County and regionally throughout the South. Study abroad is just one way that students are being prepared to deal with businesses, cultures and markets around the world and here at home.” Since the start of the program, students, faculty and staff have traveled to Costa Rica and Mexico for immersion in their rich and historic cultures. The trip to Peru will require no foreign language skills, report preparation, nor examinations for non-students, but will be a great learning experience.

An online form is now available at


Stanly County Launches “1,000 in 100” Initiative

sccnewsiconOn August 22, 2014, teams of workforce development partners from Stanly County began visiting local businesses to hear their challenges and successes related to finding and retaining high-quality employees. These visits are part of Governor Pat McCrory’s “1,000 in 100” initiative announced last spring as part of NCWorks. “1,000 in 100” refers to the Governor’s call to have local teams visit 1,000 businesses of all types in all 100 counties in the last 100 days of 2014.

“If we want to know what is working and what isn’t with our businesses, we have to talk to them directly,” McCrory said. “Our goal is to better understand how to meet their workforce needs and how to more effectively connect North Carolinians to great careers.”

The Stanly County effort is being led by David Hollars, Executive Director of Centralina Workforce Development Board and Marion Kinley, Director of Stanly Community College’s Economic Development Division, who serve as co-chairs, and includes representatives from NC Department of Commerce Apprenticeship and Training Bureau, City of Albemarle Economic Development, Stanly County Manager’s Office, Stanly County Economic Development Commission, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, ResCare Workforce Services, Stanly County Chamber of Commerce, Seven Oaks Doors and Hardware, Stanly County School System, Stanly Community College, The Resource Center, Stanly County NCWorks Career Center, and Stanly County Convention and Visitors Bureau. The representatives met on July 31st and selected both the companies for each visit as well as the teams to conduct the visits.

Marion Kinley stated, “This is a great opportunity for Stanly County to build on our past partnerships, get face-to-face with businesses, hear concerns, develop solutions and lay the foundation for how we work together in the future.”

“We want to listen together so we can bring solutions and services together,” said David Hollars. “The end goal is to help both employers and employees.”

The “1,000 in 100” initiative will conclude at the end of 2014, but the information gathered will be paired with other research and best practices to develop recommendations for changes within North Carolina’s workforce system to better serve businesses and citizens.

“I appreciate all of our agencies and industry working together to make this a success,” McCrory said. “NCWorks covers all 100 counties so we need to listen in all 100 counties. This initiative is critical so we better understand what we need to do differently.”

NCWorks focuses on a new partnership that includes the N.C. Department of Commerce, local Workforce Development Boards, the N.C. Community College System, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction and the NCWorks Commission to improve the state’s workforce system. Through the NCWorks initiative, partners will create a stronger alignment of services and resources to meet the workforce needs of businesses, connect North Carolinians to technical training and quality careers, and use data to monitor and assess program outcomes. For more information about NCWorks, visit For detailed information regarding the Stanly County initiative, contact David Hollars, Executive Director, Centralina Workforce Development Board at 704-348-2717 or or Marion Kinley, Director, Stanly Community College Economic Development Division at 704-991-0234 or


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