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For Me, It’s Power Play Student Success – Jeremy Lambert

Jeremy Lambert(January 14, 2014) “I love what I do! It is very rewarding knowing that you play a role in keeping the flow of power to homes and businesses,” comments Jeremy Lambert, a recent graduate of the Stanly Community College Electrical Lineman program.

Mr. Lambert received his electrical lineman certificate in December of 2013 and immediately found employment in his chosen career. “I am a groundman/lineman apprentice for Utility Lines Construction in Salisbury, NC. My job is to assist the lead lineman in completing various tasks which could include anything from digging six-foot holes to assembling materials for maintenance or installation of power lines.”

When asked what made him choose SCC, Jeremy responded, “it was the closest college that offered this type of training and it was very affordable.” Having lived in Colorado, his neighbor was a lineman and got him interested in this kind of career. The electrical lineman program in Colorado would have been a nine thousand dollar investment. Initially, this discouraged Jeremy to pursue this career until he moved back to NC and found out about the same program at SCC.

“The instructors were very helpful; the more you wanted to learn, the more excited they would become to help you achieve your goals,” stated Jeremy. “The classes were challenging in many ways, mentally and physically. Weather conditions could make it difficult to lift and move heavy objects.”

When asked what has been the most rewarding part of his new career, Jeremy answers, “there is so much potential to move up. Every day is one step close to reaching a higher skill level lineman position. I have always loved big trucks and machinery so operating large machinery all day just makes this career that much better.”

Jeremy intends to continue his education by getting a degree. Why? He loves to learn and a degree would help him advance in this exciting career.

As far as words of wisdom to a potential student enrolling at SCC, Jeremy says to have an open mind and just be ready to learn. “If you never open your mind enough to try things, you could really miss an opportunity that could change your life.”

Jeremy is just one of many graduates of the electrical lineman program that has been successful in finding employment. For more information on the electrical lineman program, call 704-991-0181.

Jeremy Lambert

Pictured is Jeremy Lambert, SCC alumni and lineman apprentice for Utility Lines Construction in Salisbury.