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ADN Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you in advance for your interest in the nursing program here at Stanly Community College. The following list of questions have been complied to help answer the most common questions related to the nursing program admission process; however this list of questions is not meant to take the place of collaborating with our Admissions staff.

  1. I am interested in nursing but am just not sure; can I talk to someone on campus?
  2. Please contact the Eagle’s One Stop, who will first ask you a few questions and then refer you to the proper career counselor. The Eagle’s One Stop can be contacted by phone at 704-991-0123 or via email at Their link on the website is They can also help answer your questions related to registration, financial aid, email accounts, WebAdvisor, Moodle, and much more.

  3. How do I apply to the nursing program?
  4. Application to SCC and the ADN program can be completed online by visiting You can use the link to apply, obtain transcripts, and learn about the placement testing for the college.

  5. When is the ADN application deadline?
  6. The application deadline for the ADN program is January 15th. The deadline for the returning LPN option is November 15th.

  7. What are the requirements for admission to the nursing program?
  8. The admission requirements and process for the ADN program are located at the following link.

    The link contains the course sequence, application requirements, and application process and should answer the majority of your questions.

    The returning LPN requirements and process is located at the following link.

  9. What do I have to complete prior to the application deadline?
  10. Refer to the link of admission requirements for the program of study:

  11. How do I register for the ASSET or COMPASS or ACCUPLACER placement tests?
  12. Registration for the test can be completed online by visiting or you can schedule the test with admissions by contacting them at 704-991-0226. Information about the testing can be accessed online by visiting

  13. How often can I take the ASSET, COMPASS, or ACCUPLACER test?
  14. The tests can only be taken twice in a 12 month period.

  15. Is there a cost for the ASSET, COMPASS, or ACCUPLACER?
  16. There is no cost for these tests.

  17. How do I find out more about the ASSET or COMPASS tests?
  18. Please visit the frequently ask question section for the tests at

    The ACCUPLACER placement test is an untimed, adaptive test. The required minimum scores are listed within the admission requirements.

  19. What if I have taken the ASSET, COMPASS or ACCUPLACER test elsewhere? Can I submit my scores?
  20. Yes. Once you have applied to the program, you may have your scores sent to admissions.

  21. I already have a Baccalaureate or Master’s degree; do I still have to take the placement test?
  22. Yes. Applicants to the ADN program must demonstrate academic preparedness to enter the program. This is accomplished via the score on the standardized placement test we consider the minimum necessary for success in the program. SAT scores cannot be substituted for the ASSET, COMPASS, or ACCUPLACER scores for admission to the nursing program.

  23. What if I did not score well on the placement test?
  24. There is still a path for you to follow for acceptance to the nursing program. Section 4B of the application process may be completed in lieu of having the minimum scores required.

    Section 4B states: Complete ALL general education courses required for the ADN program with a minimum GPA of 3.0. These courses include: ENG 111 and 113 or 114, BIO 165 and 166, PSY 150 and 241, CIS 110, and a Humanities elective. If general education courses are completed at institutions other than Stanly Community College, official transcripts must be received in the SCC Admissions Office by the January 15th deadline. Transfer credit will be given for BIO 165 and 166 if taken within the last 10 years, and will be given for CIS 110 taken within the last five years. Upon completion of the last general education course, applicants must notify the Admissions Office in written form (letter or email) in order to be added to the consideration list. If general education courses are completed at institutions other than Stanly Community College, official transcripts from the other institutions must be received in the SCC Admissions Office before the applicants name will be added to the consideration list.

  25. How am I invited to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)?
  26. Applicants to the ADN program that have met the requirements of section 4A or 4B of the admission process will be invited by admissions to take the TEAS test. Note: If you are applying under section 4B, written notice must be made to admissions.

  27. Can I take the TEAS elsewhere and have the results submitted to Stanly?
  28. No. We only accept the TEAS test given here at Stanly Community College.

  29. How long is my TEAS score viable?
  30. The score is good for 2 years and it must be the most current version given by the college.

  31. Is there a cost associated with the TEAS test?
  32. Yes. The test cost $40 each time it is taken. Perspective students may also purchase a study guide for the exam from the bookstore and practice tests from

  33. When do I find out if I have been granted conditional acceptance to the program?
  34. Admissions will notify applicants, by letter, around the beginning of March. Applicants that are on the alternate list will also receive notification by letter. The information may be accessed via WebAdvisor as well.

  35. Do I have to be a CNA I in order to be accepted into the program?
  36. General ADN student: Yes. Applicants must submit a certificate of satisfactory completion from a DHSR (Division of Health Service Regulation) approved Nurse Assistant, Level I program, and current unrestricted certification in Nurse Assistant, Level I as listed on the NC Nurse Aid registry ( If an applicant is currently employed as a Nurse Assistant level I but cannot produce a certificate from a DHSR (Division of Health Service Regulation) approved Nurse Assistant, Level I program, documentation from the applicants current employer that the applicant has spent at least 240 hours providing patient care at the bedside may be submitted for consideration.

    LPN-RN track student: No.

  37. Can I substitute other healthcare experience such as medical assistant or emergency medical technician for the CNA I requirement?
  38. Healthcare experience other than Nurse Assistant level I is not considered in the application process.

  39. Do I have to complete a drug test for the program?
  40. Yes. As a requirement of the clinical facilities, all students within the nursing curriculum must complete drug screening.

  41. Do I have to complete a criminal background check as part of the admission requirements?
  42. Yes. As a requirement of the clinical facilities, a criminal background check must be completed. The college does not see the criminal background check results nor give advice related to the results. Being accepted to the program does not mean that you are automatically cleared to attend the clinical sites. If the clinical site denies a student clinical privileges, that student is withdrawn from the program.

  43. How much does the program cost?
  44. Tuition for the program is based on the number of credit hours you take within a given semester. The following link explains the tuition and other charges in great detail. Please refer to the chart to determine your approximate tuition costs.

  45. How much are books and other items for the program?
  46. The required textbooks vary in price from year to year. Most books, ATI tests, and supplies are purchased at the beginning of the program and can range from approximately $1700 to $2100 based on the location of purchase.

  47. Do I need clinical uniforms and equipment before the program starts?
  48. No. On your first day of nursing class, faculty will discuss the clinical uniforms and equipment in great detail. The items can then be purchased at a retailer given to you by your first level nursing instructors.

Updated: 5/6/2013