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Curriculum Review Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees12-12-2013
 Executive Leadership Team09-03-2013

The Stanly Community College (SCC) Board of Trustees has ultimate and final authority over the addition, deletion, and inception of all curriculum programs.  In caring out that responsibility, the Board of Trustees invites the faculty to be actively engaged in the process.  Curriculum change and development at SCC is a faculty driven process and is carried out through collaboration among program faculty, Faculty Senate, and administration.  College faculty and Program Heads may find it appropriate to add programs of study, add courses, or make other changes to existing programs of study, all of which require curricular review and approval at the institution.  The SCC Faculty Senate has the responsibility for first level approval of all curricular review. 

Curriculum Review Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team09-03-2013

The following procedures will constitute the flow of events and protocol for entering into the curricular review process at the institution. While the curricular review protocol is under the domain of college policy and procedure, the Faculty Senate’s guidelines are incorporated here for a complete description of the process. Likewise the Faculty Senate assumes a participatory role and responsibility in the administration of the entire process on behalf of the College.

1. The following alterations to curriculum offerings will warrant curricular review:

2. The process for proposed changes are:

3. The timeline for completing curricular review is dictated by catalog and North Carolina Community College System submittal deadlines. The Instructional Coordinator will announce deadlines annually.