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Faculty/Staff Recruitment and Appointment Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees07-24-2014
 Executive Leadership Team07-01-2014

Stanly Community College (SCC) is dedicated to employing exemplary faculty and staff members who are student centered, qualified and capable of meeting the job expectations, as well as the mission, and goals of the institution.   SCC strives to mirror the diversity in its student body through recruiting and hiring a diverse workforce. No applicant for employment will be deprived of employment opportunities based solely on race/color, religion, sex, national origin, age, pregnancy, disability, veteran status, or genetic information. Stanly Community College will comply with all State and Federal hiring and employment/labor law hiring guidelines.


Faculty/Staff Recruitment and Appointment Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team07-01-2014


  1. The President of Stanly Community College is authorized to employ and re-employ all faculty and staff based on the employee’s knowledge of job duties, implementation of those duties, performance appraisals, need for continued operations of the College, and other criterion the President deems necessary for one to carry out his/her job in a competent and professional manner.
  2. Employees of Stanly Community College are appointed by the President of the College.  The President, in collaboration with the appropriate Vice President and Human Resources Officer, may transfer, promote, reassign, or demote any Stanly Community College employee.
  3. Position classifications are as follows:
    1. Full-time permanent personnel are those employed with an annual contract of at least nine months in length and subject to renewal each year.
    2. Part-time temporary staff are those who work a reduced weekly schedule (less than 30 hours) but receive a short term contract (no more than six months in length). Part-time temporary staff are considered “at will” employees and are employed at the discretion of the college based on need.
    3. Part-Time (adjunct) faculty are those who carry less than a full teaching load and are paid on individual course contracts or on hourly contracts. Adjunct faculty are hired based on a term to term basis and contracts are not subject to renewal.
    4. Time-limited staff or faculty are those employees who work in a temporary appointment delineated for specific college needs, work a full-time schedule, and whose contract is not subject to renewal.



  1. Upon determining a need to fill a vacancy or create a new position, the appropriate Vice President (VP) will initiate the Employee Search Authorization form.  The VP will secure a salary range for the position in conjunction with the Human Resource Officer and will seek approval from the Chief Financial Officer and the President.  No position will be advertised without signed authorization from both the Chief Financial Officer and the President.
  2. The Employee Search Authorization form consists of the following information:
    1. Approved position title
    2. Attached description of the duties and responsibilities of the job
    3. Minimum qualifications
    4. Proposed start date
    5. Starting salary (minimum)
    6. Application requirements, including last date for accepting applications
    7. Advertising information
    8. Any assessment(s) necessary to identify level of competence or fitness for position
  3. Candidates for part time positions will be recruited and processed within the division seeking to fill the position.  All applications, interviews, contracts, and relevant paperwork shall be completed under the direction of the Associate Dean, Dean, and/or Vice President.  Final authority for employment is vested through the President with the appropriate Vice President.
  4. All part-time (adjunct) faculty employed to teach are subject to the same policies as full-time faculty with regard to necessary educational credentials.  For a detailed explanation see the SCC Faculty Credentials Policy.
  5. Human Resources will oversee the recruitment and hiring process according to the following responsibilities:
    1. Originate all advertisements for the position utilizing above authorization.
    2. Place an announcement on the SCC home page
    3. Place an advertisement when appropriate in local, state, and/or national media including minority publications.
    4. Post an announcement on the North Carolina Community College System website and with the Employment Security Commission (ESC).
    5. Post an announcement on LinkedIn, or other professional social networking/media sites.
  6. All applications, cover letters, transcripts, and resumes must be submitted to the Human Resources Office via the HR Portal found on the Stanly Community College website.  Hardcopies of materials will not be accepted. Applicants who submit resumes and applications after the application deadline will not be included in the applicant pool.  Internal candidates applying for open positions in other areas of the College will complete a new application/resume in order to provide up to date information about knowledge and skills.
  7. Applications and/or resumes received at the College from unsolicited sources will be forwarded to the appropriate department, and maintained or discarded at the discretion of the department head.
  8. Applications and resumes will initially be screened by the Human Resources Officer for applicable qualifications as per the employment posting.  After this initial screening, the documents for all qualified applicants will be forwarded to the appropriate hiring manager for initial review.  The hiring manager will construct a matrix rank ordering the applicants according to level of qualifications as per the employment posting.  Upon completion of the ranking matrix, the hiring manager will recommend the top three to five candidates for interview.  If there are less than three recommended candidates, the hiring manager, after consultation with the appropriate Vice President, will either reopen the search or interview the qualified candidates.
  9. The Human Resources Officer or his/her designee will be responsible for contacting the identified candidates for the employment interview.
  10. A file will be established for each open position.  Consistent with SCC’s desire to track compliance with Affirmative Action protocols, this file will include the race and gender of all applicants, names of applicants, a list of applicants interviewed, applicant evaluation forms, and the name of the person chosen to fill the position.  The preceding information will also be scanned into ImageNow. Files on applicants will be stored for one year unless a complaint has been filed by an applicant.  In such a case, the file will be retained indefinitely.
  11. Full-time candidates will be interviewed by committee.  Selection of the committee members will be limited, when appropriate, to five members.  However, for some higher level positions with supervisory responsibility, the committee may consist of as many as eight members. The majority of the committee members will come from the division where the opening for employment exists. Committee make-up will reflect diversity. When possible, faculty and staff will not serve on more than two committees per year.  The names of committee members and a list of the interview questions to be used during the candidate interviews will be submitted to the Human Resources Officer at least three working days prior to the interviews to allow for approval and revision.
  12. The Human Resources Officer, or his/her designee from the Human Resources Office, will be present for all interviews to ensure that the committee maintains compliance in the interview and hiring process.  The Human Resources representative will not participate in voting on a candidate to recommend to the President for hire.  Care must be exercised in the interview to ask only those questions that are justified by the standard job requirements and qualifications; i.e., pre-employment questions that should not be asked include marital status, child-care problems, age, height, weight, and other personal questions that do not have a direct bearing on an applicant’s ability to perform the duties of the job.  Resources are available in the Human Resources Office to assist hiring managers and committee members with interview procedures.
  13. If none of the applicants interviewed are selected, the search will be re-opened so that additional applicants may be secured for the interview process, and the vacancy filled in a timely manner.
  14. Once a candidate has been selected by the division seeking the position, the candidate will meet with the President.  The President may ask the appropriate Vice President to attend the interview. If the President approves the candidate recommended by the committee, the appropriate Vice President will make a conditional offer of employment, a specific salary will be quoted, and information about fringe benefits will be given.  A conditional offer is made on the following:
    1. Results of Drug Screen
    2. Criminal Background Check
    3. Review of Official Transcript
  15. The Human Resources Officer officially announces all new employees to SCC faculty and staff.



Employment with Stanly Community College is defined by an employment contract.When a full time employee is initially hired he/she will have a twelve (12) month probationary contract.

  1. Probationary Contracts

a. All new full-time staff members will be initially issued twelve (12) month probationary employment contracts as a standard procedure.

b. All new full time faculty hires will be issued either a nine (9) month or twelve (12) month probationary contract based on the position and the needs of the College.

c. All time-limited faculty or staff will be considered full-time employees for the purposes of assigned work load, salary and benefits.Time-limited faculty and staff will be offered a six (6) or twelve (12) month probationary contract with the institution based on need and/or financial constraints.The institution may exercise the option for a one-time renewal of a time-limited contract, but after that renewal, the contract must either be allowed to expire as written or the time-limited position be converted to a full-time regular contract. All exceptions must be approved by the President in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer.Time-limited faculty and staff will be subject to North Carolina General Assembly pay increase restrictions (if applicable) and State employee benefits directives for temporary positions.

d. A current employee who applies for and is hired into a new position at the College will be issued a probationary contract.

e. If a contract is not to be offered to a new employee at the end of the probationary period, the new employee shall be so notified by a certified letter not less than ten (10) days prior to the expiration of his or her contract.New employees shall have no right to an appeal if a contract is not offered at the end of the period.


  1. Contract Renewal
    1. Contracts for full-time faculty and staff may not exceed twelve (12) months or extend beyond the end of the fiscal year.  In December 1975, the Attorney General of North Carolina ruled that institutions may not have a tenure policy or implicitly provide an expectation of re-employment without permission of the State Board of Community Colleges.  In accordance with this ruling, Stanly Community College does not offer tenure.
    2. Part-time (adjunct) faculty will be issued individual course contracts as dictated by need.
    3. All Part-time staff (under 30 hours per week) will be classified as temporary “at will” employees and will be employed at the discretion of the College based on need. A contract will be issued (no more than six months in length).  If a continuing contract is not to be offered, the employee will be notified by a certified letter not less than ten (10) days prior to the expiration of his or her contract.  Part-time employees shall have no right to an appeal if a contract is not offered at the end of the period.