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Public Release of Information Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees07-24-2014
 Executive Leadership Team04-03-2014

Stanly Community College (SCC) complies with the state public disclosure laws (North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 115D-78 and Chapter 132) governing access to public records.  SCC also protects the rights of others, for example, the right to privacy for student education records and employee personnel files while also minimizing disruption to the operation of college programs and services. 

Public Release of Information Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team04-03-2014
  1. Requests for college records will be complied with as promptly as possible.  Only those records not protected by laws pertaining to student privacy or confidentiality of employee records will be released.  Records deemed to be appropriate for release may otherwise contain personal or other private information which would require notification of any affected individual(s). SCC reserves the right to adjust response time based on obtaining permissions for release and/or consulting counsel for any needed interpretation of North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 115D-78 and Chapter 132.
  2. Requests for college records will be made in writing and may be referred to the office of the President or Vice Presidents.
  3. The written request will include:
  1. If copying the records involves four or more pages, or if the copy is to be supplied on a disk or external drive, the requestor shall pay the actual cost, including staff time, of making the copies.  Payment shall be made at the time the copies are delivered.
  2. Denial of requests will be made in instances when no responsive documents exist that match the request or when the documents requested are exempt from disclosure.