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Legitimate Presence on Campus Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees02-21-2013
 Executive Leadership Team12-17-2012

As a public community college, Stanly Community College (SCC) encourages the use of its facilities and services by all. The College reserves the right to determine whether an individual or group has a legitimate reason to be on its campus or facilities. The College also reserves the right to ask individuals or groups to immediately leave its campus or facilities. This determination will be made by the Director of Security or if necessary, the appropriate Executive Leadership Team (ELT) member.

Children are not allowed to accompany an individual to class or to be left unattended anywhere on campus. The College assumes no liability for injuries by or to children on campus.

Stanly Community College recognizes that adults may accompany students on campus and should be directed to a designated area while students are in class.


Legitimate Presence on Campus Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team12-17-2012

1. When presence of a non-SCC affiliated individual or group is observed, the information will be conveyed to the Director of Security, who in conjunction with the appropriate ELT member(s) if necessary, will make a determination as to the legitimacy of their need to remain on or at the campus site.

2. If asked to leave, the Director of Security or the ELT member will convey that message to the individual (s).

3. Students who bring children to campus will not be permitted to stay in class with their child. Faculty members will enforce this policy for their classrooms.

4. Adults who accompany students on campus will be asked to wait in the following designated locations for the specific campus site.

            a. SCC Main Campus, Albemarle- Learning Resources Center

            b. SCC Crutchfield Educational Center- Lobby Area

            c. SCC Cosmetology Center- Lobby Area

            d. SCC Small Business Center- Lobby Area

            e. Other off campus training sites- as directed