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SCC Policies

Class Attendance Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees02-20-2014
 Executive Leadership Team12-19-2013

Class attendance is an integral part of the learning process, and each student is expected to attend all classes for which he or she is registered. Class attendance prior to the 10% point (census date) of the class is required.  Seated, internet, and hybrid classes may have different requirements for satisfying census date attendance. 

Class Attendance Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team12-19-2013

Curriculum Courses


  1. Students must attend at least one class or Log in to an online class by the census date (10 percent point) and submit an academic activity. If not, the student will be dropped from the course.
  2. Absences do not relieve the student of responsibility for meeting the requirements of the class.
  3. Students may be withdrawn by the instructor if class requirements are not being met.
  4. Any student who is absent for a consecutive and prolonged period of time regardless of contact with the instructor will be withdrawn.
  5. College policy defines a minimum consecutive and prolonged period of time as a two-week period for 16-week classes and a one-week period for all other term lengths.
  6. Some classes may specify stricter attendance policies.
  7. Student auditing classes must adhere to the same attendance policy as other students.
  8. Out of respect for individual religious convictions, the College will allow two excused days of absences per academic year. At least two weeks prior to the planned absence, the student must submit written notice to all instructors for the term.  The notice will include the specific date(s) he/she requests as a religious observance. The student will be given the opportunity to make up any class work, clinical/work based learning hours, or tests missed during the excused day(s).



Continuing Education Courses


  1. Students must attend at least one class meeting or login to an online component of the class on or before the census date.  If not, the student will be dropped from the course.  Any exceptions would need to be presented to the Office of Enrollment Management for approval.  It is the instructor’s responsibility to abide by this policy.
  2. Students must attend at least 80% of the course to receive credit.
  3. Course hours missed due to inclement weather, instructor absence or other factors must be made up by one of the following options at the discretion of the instructor in conjunction with the course coordinator:
    1. Adding additional class hours on an hour for hour basis for those missed
    2. Adding additional outside class assignments which approximate the hours missed
    3. Adding additional class hours and a combination of outside assignments which approximate the hours missed