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Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions for Curriculum Policy

Approved By and Date:Board of Trustees11-10-2011
 Executive Leadership Team10-24-2011

The Records and Registration Office will review post-secondary transcripts of applicants for admission once official transcripts are received by Stanly  Community College. Transfer credit will be granted for courses having a “C” or better and meeting both of the following qualifications: Course content closely parallels the course content of the SCC course for which credit is granted. Course credit hours match the credit hours of the SCC course for which is granted.

Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions for Curriculum Procedures

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team10-24-2011
  1. Some courses with a technical or skill content may be denied acceptance. The College reserves the right to accept or reject credits. Courses not approved for transfer may be reconsidered by completing an Appeal Form with the Records and Registration Office. The Records and Registration Office will address the appeal with the appropriate Associate Dean. The Associate Dean will return the appeal outcome to the Records and Registration Office within five business days. The Associate Dean’s decision will be final. Some programs may require competencies for specific courses regardless of course age. (Please see particular program of study information.) The College will accept transfer credits only from accredited institutions or internationally accredited foreign colleges. Transcripts from foreign colleges must have English translations and equivalencies from World Evaluation Services to receive transfer credit at SCC.
  2. At least one-fourth of the credits required for a degree, diploma, or certificate must be earned from Stanly Community College. Students who re-enter the College after two continuous semester absences must do so under the current operating catalog.
  3. The College is using the following GAAP (Generally Accepted Accrediting Principles) criteria in recognizing accrediting agencies:

4.   As such, the following regional accrediting agencies are accepted:

     5. The following national accrediting agencies are accepted:

6.     In order to receive credit for program specific courses for readmission or admission with transfer credit, the applicant must successfully complete a competency exam and/or audit selected classes as designated by the program director. The competency exam will test the applicant’s knowledge of material covered in classes that were successfully completed up to the point of withdrawal. Audits and/or competencies must be successfully completed in order to be considered for readmission or admission with transfer credit. Applicants will be given one opportunity to complete the competency exam(s) and/or audit(s) successfully.