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Procedures for Online Students in Filing Complaints Rule

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team04-08-2010

Online students have the same rights and opportunities as traditional on-campus students including the right to file a formal grievance and receive an official response.  SCC currently has a detailed procedure entitled “Student Grievance Policy” that is accessible to all students through the SCC Catalog and the SCC website.  This Student Grievance Policy is applicable to the online student who does not have reasonable access to the college campus.

In order to file a grievance or to make an inquiry about the procedures the online student must direct all communication to the Dean of Students through email contact or by telephone.  Contact information for the Dean of Students is located on the SCC website.

SCC Student Grievance Policy
SACS Distance Education and Principles of Accreditation:
       Documenting Compliance Guidelines
       Federal Requirement 4.5