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Guidelines for Employment of Online Faculty Rule

Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team03-22-2010

Faculty selected to teach and facilitate online courses will be assessed by the same standards of credentialing and experience as faculty teaching traditional courses.  In addition:

Faculty teaching and facilitating online courses must have unique training and skills to be effective in the online environment.  Program heads and associate deans will ensure that all online faculty possess or will acquire these basic skills:
An understanding of the uniqueness of online learning

  1. The necessity of frequent and meaningful interaction between faculty and students using non-traditional, technology-based methods

  2. An understanding of the unique learning styles of online students

  3. Flexibility and discipline in developing and maintaining non-traditional work hours

All online faculty, including full-time and part-time, will successfully complete a course of training in appropriate online instructional techniques, the use of Moodle, and best practices in online instruction.  The course will be developed and facilitated by the Learning Technologist with reports of successful completion by faculty given to the program heads and associate deans.

Individual programs may develop additional guidelines and standards that are specific to their programs, courses, and faculty.


SCC Uniform Procedures for Online Instructors

SACS Distance Education and Principles of Accreditation:

Documenting Compliance Guidelines

Comprehensive Standards 3.7.1