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SCC Rules


Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team03-08-2010

North Carolina Community College Employees—Full-time employees are eligible to enroll in one curriculum or continuing education course per semester on a tuition waived basis.

Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLET) ---- All law enforcement officers employed by a municipal, county, state or federal law enforcement agency when taking courses in a state-mandated BLET training program, are exempt from tuition payment.  Also, trainees shall be exempt from BLET class tuition if a letter of sponsorship from a municipal, county, state or federal law enforcement agency is on file at the college.

Concurrent Enrollment—High school students admitted under the concurrent enrollment admissions policy shall be waived from paying curriculum tuition and fees.

Senior Citizens—North Carolina residents 65 years of age and older shall be waived from paying curriculum education tuition for up to 6 credit hours per semester, but are required to pay all other fees. 

North Carolina citizens age 65 or older will have tuition waived for the first 96 hours per semester of Continuing Education Courses.  If a single course is greater than 96 hours the tuition waiver will be granted for that single course.  Lab Fees are also waived for Senior Citizens.


  1. are unemployed

  2. have received notification of pending layoff

  3. working and eligible for federal earned income tax credit

  4. are working and earning wages at or below the two hundred percent of the federal poverty level

    Certain captive and co-opted groups of students may take courses with the tuition waived.  See References: GS 115D-5(b) and 23 NCAC 02D .04202(F),(G), and (H).


Tuition waivers do not apply for any courses offered on a self-supporting basis.  This Stanly Community College Policy is designed to be used in conjunction with and is subject to the Community College Laws of North Carolina – Chapter 115D of the General Statues of North Carolina.