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SCC Rules


Approved By and Date:Executive Leadership Team04-22-2009

1.    Faculty will print a tentative roster from WebAdvisor at the beginning of the class.  A roster from WebAdvisor would have the most recent information.  In addition, accessing the system will help faculty to become familiar with WebAdvisor.

2.    Official attendance rosters will be printed after the drop/add period and clean‑up (within two weeks for a 16-week semester and one week for an 8-week semester).

3.    Once official attendance rosters are ready, an email will be sent to full-time and part-time faculty to let them know that Student Records will place rosters in faculty mailboxes in the Patterson Building or will mail rosters to part-time faculty not having mailboxes.   The email will have a spreadsheet attached that shows total class hours for all courses to assist faculty in filling in total class hours on the roster with a breakdown of seated hours and non-seated hours.

4.    Student names may no longer be written in on an official roster.  If a change of this type is made in class population, a new roster will be printed by Student Records and sent to the instructor.  If not received, faculty should contact Student Records at or (704) 991-0208.

5.    Instructions for attendance roster:

                By the census date: (printed top left)

At the end of the semester:

6.    The committee recommends that online orientation materials for faculty be developed in the area of rosters and documentation and that another committee be named to assist with determination of what is needed and creation of materials.