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Service Learning

Service Learning is the combination of community service and classroom instruction, with a focus on critical, reflective thinking as well as personal and civic responsibility. It is an actively engaged learning experience, educating students in social and civic responsibilities while offering personal growth.

The purpose of Service Learning at SCC is to enhance students' learning by reinforcing the theories and ideas they learn in the classroom with the practical, worthwhile experiences they receive while providing service to the community. Students will apply classroom knowledge during experiential learning that values civic responsibility, diversity, and personal development.

Service Learning will allow students to gain valuable workplace experience, classroom credit and an appreciation for the greater community and world around them. Service Learning students will have the opportunity to become more proficient employees and more culturally sensitive citizens.


To be eligible to participate in the Service Learning program, students must first be registered in a class that offers Service Learning in its syllabus by an approved Service Learning Faculty Member. The Service Learning Office can furnish a list of faculty offering Service Learning options.

The student must be recommended by the Service Learning Faculty and meet the approval of the Service Learning office. There will be a limited number of students accepted for participation each semester. Some cases may require a clean drug screen and criminal background check; this will be at the discretion of the participating Service Learning Agency.

Application Procedure

Students interested in participating in Service Learning projects should contact their Service Learning Faculty or Service Learning office. You will then need to complete necessary application forms to be maintained by the Service Learning office. Both the Service Learning Coordinator and the Faculty will work with you throughout the semester in achieving a rewarding Service Learning experience.

Academic Credit

Academic credit for Service Learning will be evaluated by your Service Learning Faculty and be represented as a portion of your final grade in the service learning class you are participating in. Service Learning participation is completely voluntary, and each individual Service Learning Faculty will establish his/her own guidelines for evaluation. In most cases, the Service Learning project will take the place of another assignment or research paper required of other class registrants.


Students interested in Service Learning should contact the Service Learning Coordinator for further information; the student must be registered in a participating Service Learning class and have the permission of their Service Learning Faculty. A minimum of twenty hours of service with an approved Service Learning Agency in the community is required for completion during a semester.

The specifics of each Service Learning project (days, hours, service activities) will be determined by the chosen agency, the Faculty, the Service Learner, and the Service Learning office.

Orientation and reflection sessions will be required for participation; Service Learning offers SCC students the opportunity to provide meaningful service to the community. You will not only benefit from the development of stronger leadership skills and personal growth but will have the opportunity to know that you and other Service Learners do make a difference in the world around us.