kelleyThe Kelley Building

The Kelley Buildling opened in 1981, and was named in honor of Annie Ruth Kelley, the first chair of the college trustees and the first woman to chair a NC Community College board of trustees.

It currently houses the Stanly Early College, as well as the Dennis Auditorium.

eddinsThe Eddins Building

In 1987, a two story building was completed and named in honor of Dr. George E. Eddins, Jr. Programs of study housed there include: Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, Human Services, and
School Aged Children.

bletDid you know that in 1981

  • The United States President was Ronald W. Reagan
  • A dozen eggs cost 90¢ and a gallon of gas was $1.38
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark and On Golden Pond were the most popular movies
  • President Reagan was shot in the chest and Press Secretary James Brady suffered head wounds
    during an assassination attempt on President Reagan
  • In 1986, SCC began offering Basic Law Enforcement Training

nursingDid you know that in 1986

  • In 1986, the Computer Engineering Technology program began
  • In 1986, SCC held its first commencement for the Associate Degree Nursing program

1984 - Rick Gardner became first of now seven SCC students to be elected as state PBL president.