John Enamait

Dr. John D. Enamait is the fifth person to serve as president during the College’s 45-year history and began his leadership role in August 2016. Dr. Enamait is well prepared to take on the 21st Century challenges that our College will face in the future while keeping his commitment to foster a strong academic culture and support the economic growth and development of our community.

Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

As part of the College’s strategic planning process, officials met with business and industry leaders in 2011-2012 to gather feedback and develop partnerships. It was clear from those conversations that Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Technology programs had to become an area of emphasis for the institution. A Welding Apprenticeship and Machining Program began in 2013, as well as programmatic renovations to train more students to fulfill existing and future workforce needs.

Allied Health Signature Campus

Forecasts predicted that medical occupations would have the most significant growth from 2012-2017. As part of the College’s strategic planning process, seven curriculum and six occupational education programs, along with a 1,700 square foot simulation center, were relocated to the Crutchfield Education Center in Locust to offer the community an Allied Health Signature Campus.

Dr. Brenda Kays

Dr. Brenda S. Kays served as the College's 4th president from August 2011 until January 2016. During her tenure, SCC became an Achieving the Dream Institution, was designated as a North Carolina Completion by Design Community College, raised nearly $3 million for renovations for the Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Technology buildings and programs, held a ribbon cutting at the Crutchfield Education Center in Locust for the Allied Health Signature Campus and the completion of the programmatic development and renovation phase, and held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new Morton-Moffitt Cosmetology Center located on the Albemarle campus.

    Stanly Entrance

    Did you know that in 2011

    • The United States President was Barack Obama
    • A first-class stamp was 44 cents and unemployment was at 9%
    • The number one music hit was Rolling in the Deep, by Adele
    • The most popular box office movie was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
    • Massive earthquakes hit north-east Japan, which also caused a 10-meter tsunami
    • Prince William and Catherine Middleton married in Westminster Abbey