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The Stanly Community College CARE Team reviews reports made that pertain to behavioral or situational intervention. If you know of a potential threatening situation or person exhibiting such behavior, please make a report. Help to keep our college community safe.

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Dr. Carmen Nunalee, Vice President of Student Success 704-991-0249

Christie Honeycutt, Vice President, School of Health Science & Public Services 704-991-0295

Jeff Parsons, Vice President of Academic Affairs 704-991-0321

Tracie Carpenter, Director of Counseling & Special Services 704-991-0189

Marcus Pryor, Dean of Students 704-991-0278

Heath LuQuire, Chief Technical Officer 704-991-0122

Lori Poplin, Director of Human Resources 704-991-0116

Officer Michael (Bucky) Hinson, Campus Security 704-991-0118

Lynnette Parks, Executive Assistant, Vice President of Student Success 704-991-0303