21st Century Scholars

Initiated in remembrance of Daisy Fort

The idea of a scholarship program for young people was born in Harlem, New York by philanthropist Eugene Lang. SCC’s 21st Century Scholars program is modeled after Lang’s initiative. The program offers students’ scholarships to Stanly Community College upon successful completion of the program and high school graduation. The scholarships are for two years to SCC and are not transferable to any other institution. The chosen students agree to remain in high school, meet attendance and grade requirements, stay off drugs and alcohol, and graduate from high school.

The Stanly County School system agrees to provide support and assist with skills development through instruction and an advisory system. Stanly Community College agrees to assist students in completing financial aid forms and maintaining close contact with the student through a series of activities that might include campus visits, summer programs and career counseling.

To be selected, a student must be enrolled in a Stanly County Middle school. They must demonstrate academic scholarship or potential for achievement, possess leadership qualities, and participate in community activities. Nominations are made by school personnel. 

Honor Benefactor: Dr. W. Davis Fort


Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Snyder, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donnie N. Lowder

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Phillips

Dr. and Mrs. Francis W. Green

Allen and Nadine Bowers

Bill and Vergie Krimminger

Joyce Turner Morton

Bill and Helen Comber

Gus and Pam Holbrook

Mitchel and Lynda Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Kelley

Elbert L. Whitley, Jr. and JoAnn B. Whitley Joel and Brenda Huneycutt

Mrs. Jackie M. Furr Beeker

Len and Pam Brafford

Stephanie and Emily Sharples

Martha H. Lowder

Dr. and Mrs. H. T. Webb, Jr.

James C. and Cathy F. Bivens

Stanly Community College Faculty and Staff

L. Gordon Miller, Jr. and Nancy Black Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny B. Treece

Tony and Kay Dennis

Robert W. and Claudia Odom