College Spokesperson Policy

College Spokesperson Policy

Approved By and Date: Board of Trustees 02-11-2016
  Executive Leadership Team 12-21-2015
  ICORE 12-16-2015

Stanly Community College (SCC) recognizes that effective communications with the media are critical to SCC’s ability to carry out its mission and promote continued public support for the college. Effective media relations best serve the college by:

  • informing the public of what we can do for them,
  • promoting the college's achievements, activities and events of significance,
  • expanding the general visibility of the college, and
  • ensuring that accurate information is conveyed to the public regarding incidents and issues of a controversial and/or sensitive nature.

Official Stanly Community College spokespersons are the college President and the chair of the Board of Trustees, who may choose to fulfill or delegate that function as appropriate.  The Dean of Marketing and Outreach serves as the Public Information Officer and may assist in speaking on behalf of the college or identifying delegate spokespersons.

College Spokesperson Procedures

Approved By and Date: Executive Leadership Team 12-21-2015
  ICORE 12-16-2015

The President and the Chair of the Board of Trustees are the designated spokespersons for the college.  No other employee is authorized to release information to the media and/or public unless specifically authorized to do so by the President, the Chair of the Board of Trustees, or through their delegation, the Public Information Officer (PIO).

All college employees should direct media questions to the PIO and not attempt to speak for the college.