Fundraising Oversight Policy

Fundraising Oversight Policy

Approved By and Date: Board of Trustees 10-10-2019
  Executive Leadership Team 08-26-2019
  ICORE 08-21-2019

Stanly Community College encourages fundraising activities to support the College. To that end, the Trustees authorizes the president to assign employees of Stanly Community College to assist with establishing and operating a nonprofit corporation, the SCC Foundation, whose sole purpose is to provide necessary support to the College. In addition to the SCC Foundation, the Trustees support localized fundraising by student groups for student activities and grant-seeking activity by College employees to support educational goals.

Fundraising Oversight Procedures

Approved By and Date: Executive Leadership Team 08-26-2019
  ICORE 08-21-2019
  1. The President may assign employees to assist with the establishment and operation of the Stanly Community College Foundation (the “Foundation”) and may make office space, equipment, supplies, and other related resources available to the Foundation. The employees working on behalf of the activities of the Foundation shall be employees of Stanly Community College and shall report by organizational structure to the President.

  2. The Foundation shall maintain by-laws and processes governing its operation that are separate and distinct from those applicable to Stanly Community College.

  3. The President of Stanly Community College shall maintain ultimate responsibility for and control over the fundraising activities, including grant-seeking activity, of the Foundation to support College priorities and initiatives as identified by the College Board of Trustees and the President.

  4. The President of Stanly Community College shall attend meetings of the Foundation board of directors to assist the directors in making their decisions in alignment with College priorities and initiatives. The President will share with the Foundation board of directors information pertaining to the mission, vision, Strategic Plan, and master facility plan of the College.

  5. The Vice President of Administrative Services/Chief Financial Officer shall maintain internal controls and financial reporting processes to preserve the independence of the Foundation as a private nonprofit organization while meeting the requirements of the laws, regulations, and guidance of the State of North Carolina and the North Carolina Community College System.



N.C. Gen. Stat. §115D-20 (Powers and duties of trustees)

SACSCOC Standard 5.2.c (Control of fund-raising activities)