Student Success Policy

Student Success Policy

Approved By and Date: Board of Trustees 02-20-2014
  Executive Leadership Team 01-02-2014
  ICORE 12-30-2013

Stanly Community College promotes student success.  The college requires students to take the appropriate college success course (ACA) or module in their first semester of enrollment.  ACA content assists students in developing the skills necessary to be successful in their academic careers at the community college or upon transition to a university or the workplace

Student Success Procedures

Approved By and Date: Executive Leadership Team 04-07-2014
  ICORE 04-02-2014
  1. All new students enrolling in a program of study will be required to take the program specific student success course (ACA) or in certain cases where the full course is not required, the ACA content provided in a module format during the first semester enrolled.

  2. Students should consult their advisors and their individual academic plan (MAP) to determine which ACA is appropriate before registering.

  3. Students not registering for the appropriate ACA during their first semester will be stopped by the system, prohibiting them from submitting their registration schedule until the ACA is added. A hold will be placed on any student who does not successfully complete ACA in their first semester, which will require the student to consult with the advisor for registration.The hold will be removed once the student successfully completes the appropriate ACA.