Documenting Student Participation in Online Courses - Curriculum Courses

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Documenting Student Participation in Online Courses - Curriculum Courses Rule

  Executive Leadership Team 08-26-2019
  ICORE 07-18-2019

Every online instructor must properly verify and document student attendance and participation in each online course that the instructor teaches.  In addition to ensuring the integrity of the registration process, such documentation is also used for registration and financial aid audits, as well as in determining FTE funding for the college; therefore, these procedures are vital to college operations.  The following procedures will ensure proper documentation: 

Instructors will document student attendance two times during each semester:  at the census date (10% point) of the course and at the end of the course with final grade submission.

No later than 24 hours after the census date, the instructor must indicate on the official course roster the date the student completed the first academic activity.  Students who have not actively participated in the course will be reported as NA (never attended / no show in WebAttendance) by the instructor.  The instructor will enter final grades for the active students no later than 24 hours past the end date of the course.

The instructor of the course is responsible for properly documenting student attendance and participation. 

Cross-reference policies:

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Revisions: 02/28/2010, 5/20/2019



N.C. Gen. Stat. §115D-5 (Administration of institutions by State Board of Community Colleges)

1G SBCCC 200.93 (Reporting of Student Hours in Membership for Curriculum Classes)